Tincture [noun]

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Mix two drams of the tincture of galls with one dram of lunar caustic, and for marking of linen, use it with a pen as common ink.

A tincture for the gums may be made of three ounces of the tincture of bark, and half an ounce of sal ammoniac, mixed together.

Bruise three ounces of cloves, steep them for ten days in a quart of brandy, and strain off the tincture through a flannel sieve.

Thou canst not withhold a tincture of lemon from the sweetest cup!

Used as a sedative in tincture; ten to twenty drops in water.

Externally, vesicant; used in form of ointment, or tincture.

The water or brine solution must be at least twenty times the bulk of the tincture.

Tincture of larkspur, or an ointment made from the seeds, may also be used.

Develop the color by going over the work with tincture of muriate of iron.

And an infusion or tincture of tobacco as recommended by Dr. Fowler of York.