Trace [noun]

Definition of Trace:

evidence; small bit

Synonyms of Trace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trace:

Sentence/Example of Trace:

Only in one respect does he show any trace of advancing years.

There was no trace of the body in the waters, no drop of blood on the rocks.

He had not been to the bank for two days before, and no trace of him was to be found.

From some other of the author's letters we are able to trace the gradual growth of the work.

Then, as a new thought came to the magnate, he spoke with a trace of anxiety.

The secretary's voice was mechanical, without any trace of feeling.

Yet there was a set of the mouth and a prominence of the chin which relieved him of any trace of effeminacy.

Aggie showed no trace of emotion as her glance ran over the weapon.

The youth vanishes; no reader can find a trace of him, or even an allusion to him.

Her face was ghastly, save for the trace of rouge; her eyes were red-rimmed.