Hunt [noun]

Definition of Hunt:

search, chase

Opposite/Antonyms of Hunt:


Sentence/Example of Hunt:

NSO sells Pegasus with the same pitch arms dealers use to sell conventional weapons, positioning it as a crucial aid in the hunt for terrorists and criminals.

Lawrence Corey, a virologist from Fred Hutchinson who was tapped by Warp Speed in July to head the US trials, says the vaccine hunt is moving quickly because scientists have been “planning for success.”

The letter, from Elliott deputy John Hemmerling, didn’t just promise a leak hunt for Hargrove’s sources.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were in the wild-card hunt a year ago and added Madison Bumgarner, Starling Marte and Kole Calhoun in the offseason to bolster their rotation and lineup.

Others are on the hunt for what animal the virus jumped into people from, which can help scientists understand how the virus made the jump and guide policies to monitor those animals for related coronaviruses.

They try to recruit other pack members to stop resting and sleeping in the shade, to go hunt.

That led them on a scavenger hunt to find living specimens of this plant.

Mrs. Jolly Robin had often wished—when she was trying to feed a rapidly-growing family—that she could hunt forp.

When the whole hunt is hunting up, each single change is made between the whole hunt, and the next bell above it.

With these ten Hunts, the first change in each Peal is made by hunting the whole Hunt up.