Tracing [verb]

Definition of Tracing:

seek, follow

Synonyms of Tracing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tracing:

Sentence/Example of Tracing:

He also gave me a copy of the sonnet and a tracing of his son's photograph.

He slid to his feet and went about tracing it with his little up-tilted nose.

He never wearied of tracing the features of one so fair and good as she.

He went on tracing elaborate patterns on the floor for a good while.

I unfolded the tracing paper and found on it drawings of a machine gun.

He is tracing on a most interesting field, the operation of cause and effect.

Cadogan remained by the rail, tracing the course of the little boat on the sea.

Tracing of maps or plates should not be allowed, unless with a soft pencil.

If we're horse thieves you won't have much trouble in tracing us.

Munich,” he murmurs, tracing its course through the timetable, “depart 2.15.