Track [noun]

Definition of Track:

mark, print made by something

Synonyms of Track:

Opposite/Antonyms of Track:


Sentence/Example of Track:

They've put lots of good weight-carriers off the track before they was due to go.

Robert pointed in silence to the huge rock which lay on the track.

The track was plain enough, and there were hamlets at long intervals.

You wouldn't think it was a hundred yards back from the track, would you?

His last letter gives no clue to the track he intended to pursue.

Got on the track just before dark and followed it along a few miles.

We left the track to examine a gully to the north, but could not find any water.

Taking to the water threw the hounds off the scent of the track.

Though I felt a subtle and wondrous change, I could not trace or track the miracle.

"I t'ought I see a b'y skinnin' off the track," commented Gaynor.