Remains [noun]

Definition of Remains:

remaining part

Synonyms of Remains:

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Sentence/Example of Remains:

"I have heard that she remains at the house where Phidias died," rejoined Plato.

I don't believe he likes Infant-ry, for he remains onmarried.

There only remains to examine the opinions of those who differ from me.

With the exception of Fountains, the remains are more perfect than any in Yorkshire.

It only remains for me now to say a word or two about the end of his life.

The only assurance that it should be undisturbed is, that it remains unknown.

How this rule is going to be applied in cases of aeroplanes, remains to be seen.

It remains but to clothe yourself and you are ready to start.

It remains only to renew the declaration, that every part of this narrative is supposed to be true.

I was determined to discover whether she had any remains of affection for this captain.