Debris [noun]

Definition of Debris:

litter, waste

Synonyms of Debris:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debris:

Sentence/Example of Debris:

Even in some of the most remote places on Earth, a fine rain of human-made debris pollutes the land and oceans.

The skiers were buried in 20 feet of snow and debris and were found with the help of avalanche beacons, which they were all wearing.

For Feros, the vistas have more depth, along with additional smoke, fire and debris, to help visualize a “crumbling megatropolis,” Meek said.

Satellite and mega-constellation operators must consider ways of reducing the debris caused by these satellites above and beyond the usual procedure, in order to maintain a sustainable use of low Earth orbit.

It became a regular feature of vehicles, such as early cars and trolleys whose dashboards were relatively bare-bones wood or metal and leather barriers that kept debris from being “dashed” up from the ground and onto passengers.

In orbit the CubeSats, which was designed mainly by university groups, will monitor Earth’s weather and climate, look for space debris, experiment with how the seeds of planets might have formed, and more.

An elk I’d shot had fallen in a shintangle in Idaho’s Centennial Range, and I spread the blanket to keep the meat free from debris while quartering.

The best budget ski goggles will protect your eyes from wind, sun, and debris and offer a venting solution to control airflow and reduce fogging.

Over time, layers of sediment and debris piled on top of the carcass and hardened, preserving it with minimal damage, Swanson said.

Loggers pulled tons of timber from forests groomed to produce huge volumes of it, burning the debris in place.