Purity [noun]

Definition of Purity:

the state of being pure

Synonyms of Purity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purity:

Sentence/Example of Purity:

The purity and disinterestedness of their conduct should be made apparent.

The world's notions of purity are simply childish—because it is not itself pure.

It lay in its purity on a chair at the foot of Dirk's bed on Sabbath morning.

Her purity, her goodness, all that which resembled her in Nature, returned to her and saved her.

The whole door was resplendent in the purity of intense cold.

Not only all night, but all day, has the dew lain upon its purity.

And you may extend it further, if you choose,--to all the results of honor and purity.

I know your purity—But, my dear, are you not out of all protection?

They worshipped it as the star of peace and goodness and purity.

His "Sacred Poems" are noted for their purity and beauty of sentiment.