Offal [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Offal:

Offal and carrion were strewn all about the place; it swarmed with flies.

Wherever I turned the place was saturated with the blood of fish and offal.

I have seen Mary contending with the pigs for the offal thrown into the street.

I have seen poor Mary contending for the offal, with the pigs in the street.

They dropped and died on the dust-heaps they had been rummaging for offal.

Like a wise trapper, he put aside the offal to serve as bait for the traps.

He was crouching near François, watching for the offal of the birds.

By day they prowled around the camp, and fought with the dogs for the offal and the bones.

A Caliban amidst Calibans, they heap him with their burdens, and feed him on their offal.

All Offal Court was just such another hive as Canty's house.