Property [noun]

Definition of Property:

possessions, real estate

Synonyms of Property:

Opposite/Antonyms of Property:


Sentence/Example of Property:

We have seen this unique book (now the property of Mr. Sam: Timmins).

The property of the country belongs to the people of the country.

These are the property of peasant-owners, who dispose of their crops here and at Langogne.

I often said, 'It does not really belong to us, and we are living in luxury from the property of another.

He wished to have the property and lives of the people of England entirely at his own disposal.

They were poor men, they said, and their property was at the mercy of the Government.

It is well understood that a man's property cannot be used without his consent.

Yes, Martin Wade might leave her but all his property must be left behind—every cent of it.

She would let him go without his property; Martin would leave with half of it.

I say "we" because I had come to be a responsible factor in the control of the property.