Debt [noun]

Definition of Debt:

money owed to others

Opposite/Antonyms of Debt:

Sentence/Example of Debt:

The rest plan to restructure their debts, close money-losing stores, and continue operation.

“There is so much debt production and debt monetization,” Dalio said.

The cost of the combined wars will probably surpass $7 trillion by 2056, when interest on the debt is considered, almost four decades from now.

They also like precious metals and debt of just about any flavor.

Local banks, meanwhile, keep securitizing their mortgage debt, sloughing off their own liabilities.

It argues that countries like America, which borrow in their own currency, can set the interest rates on their debt as a policy variable –- and don’t really need to sell bonds anyway.

Within a few weeks, the bond market had nearly regained the ground it lost, spurring a debt boom.

The co-op would have received $43 million in overdue payments, but, in an effort to raise needed cash, it sold that debt to another insurer in 2017 for a much smaller amount.

Texas’ justice courts are required to report top-line caseload statistics to the Office of Court Administration monthly, including how many debt claims cases they heard and the outcomes.

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