Claim [noun]

Definition of Claim:

property, right demanded or reserved

Synonyms of Claim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Claim:

Sentence/Example of Claim:

The purchasers found that this claim was not well founded, and sought to recover their money.

I claim that it contains many errors of fact, and the Higher Criticism supports the claim; as we shall see.

He took mental inventory of his possessions and what he could lay claim to, and he happened to think about his wife's homestead.

Having thus enrolled himself as one of the Agency Indians, he had a claim on this the Agency doctor.

Who was he, indeed, that he should claim the right to thwart another's happiness, hinder another's best self-realisation?

His wife had sold her relinquishment on the claim that he had spent thirty-five hundred dollars cash for.

He laid claim to some of the territories of the pope, by whom he was excommunicated and deposed.

American writers claim that the first pressed glass tumbler was made about 40 years back in that country, by a carpenter.

It can claim, also, many celebrated physicians who have been its patrons, and among them the noted Dr. Parr.

He had been in practise long and successfully enough to give a right claim to mastership.