Plea [noun]

Definition of Plea:

begging request

Synonyms of Plea:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plea:

Sentence/Example of Plea:

Life shelves them on the plea that they are old; but that is not the reason.

Truly then his plea of exhaustion would not be without excuse!

The plea touched to the bottom of her heart, but she could not, would not yield.

Burke, however, shook his head in remonstrance against Gilder's plea.

Again, Garson shook his head in absolute refusal of her plea.

He had no plea for himself; he saw that it would be useless.

Miss Linda was fairly eloquent in the plea she made on his behalf.

Canrobert declined the proposed mission on the plea of ill-health.

Her plea was modest, but so expressed as to be irresistible.

He would scorn the plea himself—he has scorned it all his life.