Sentence [noun]

Definition of Sentence:

punishing decree

Synonyms of Sentence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentence:

Sentence/Example of Sentence:

Something in her heart or her throat prevented Hester from finishing the sentence.

Let me tell you that Dirk Colson would not have repeated that sentence for the world!

She told him her mother had read but the first sentence or two.

And he finished his sentence with a practical illustration of his frame of mind.

This sentence was as humiliating and mortifying as anything that could be put upon him.

He did not finish his sentence, but the pressure of his hand on John's increased.

"Well, but I don't—" The revelation came to me before I could complete the sentence.

And in the end you may yet get let in for a sentence that will surprise you.

Nayler was called into the Parliament-house to receive his sentence.

When the sentence was read, he attempted to speak, but was silenced.