Verdict [noun]

Definition of Verdict:

law judgment

Synonyms of Verdict:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verdict:

Sentence/Example of Verdict:

Didn't beat—what the hell—didn't the Chestnut get the verdict?

With the insight of a kindred temperament he pronounced his verdict.

“Nobody in this room could hope to escape,” was the verdict of that survey.

The verdict of posterity in his case may be safely anticipated.

Only this morning you were my supreme court of justice; there was no appeal from your verdict.

Don't be a moment behind them, for I want you to take the verdict back to the bank.

As to the strength of his case, he had not a doubt about it, but clearly saw his way to the verdict.

"He's all right, Brother Gholson," was his verdict; the ball had gone to the heart.

How anxiously they waited for the verdict, Frank most of all!

"The verdict on your father's death was absolutely unanimous," Wrayson said.