Vacation [noun]

Definition of Vacation:

planned time spent not working

Synonyms of Vacation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vacation:

Sentence/Example of Vacation:

Young women on the eve of a vacation were not usually so reasonable.

When Karl comes from the university in his vacation, his first question is, "Where is Sami?"

"The spring vacation will be over soon now, Ruth," said Sister Mary.

The vacation was only half through, and there was yet time to do much in this direction.

Invention has no vacation so far as ladies' apparel is concerned.

Would you advise me to offer you shocks as a sort of vacation from suavity?

His wife said he hadn't had a vacation of over a week in eleven years.

"I thought you might be taking a vacation—in York Harbor," she said, laughing.

They will be home soon for their spring vacation, and then Polly can make their acquaintance.

The latter had been teaching school in Middleboro, but now it was spring vacation.