Recreation [noun]

Definition of Recreation:

sports, games, special interests

Synonyms of Recreation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recreation:

Sentence/Example of Recreation:

Hubert, quite excited by this day of recreation and of fete, was the only one who had anything to say.

Always work had stolen from him these treasures—dreams, recreation and knowledge.

We then went to the chapel, where a short Mass was celebrated, after which we had an hour's recreation.

Greenwich was the place fixed on for the dinner, and we prepared for the day of recreation.

Recreation: Filling his fountain pen or cleaning typewriter.

Recreation: Telling young men how to scorn the root of all fortunes.

Recreation: Killing giants, disguising himself as a swan, etc.

"These people seem to have no need of recreation," Benda said.

That is to say, writing was his vocation and his recreation as well.

It seemed as if the hour of evening recreation would never end.