Difficulty [noun]

Definition of Difficulty:

problem; situation requiring great effort

Opposite/Antonyms of Difficulty:

Sentence/Example of Difficulty:

She couldn't even explain the difficulty, just that it was hard.

The importance and difficulty of playing the position have never been questioned, nor has the scarcity of elite talent.

“People with big faces may have difficulty getting the mask to cover their nose and mouth completely when they do the knot, so you really have to look around and find a technique that works well for you,” Brooks said.

Even so, the recall might have gone nowhere had it not been for a judge’s decision to give organizers almost double the normal amount of time to collect signatures in light of the difficulties posed by the pandemic.

Without some clarity and long-term planning, brands could face more difficulty going forward.

Several digital currency exchanges, including Coinbase and Gemini, reported technical difficulties amid heavy trading after Tesla’s SEC filling news broke.

Unfortunately, his voice was low and murky in the mix — a technical difficulty he probably wasn’t too pleased about, having reportedly poured $7 million of his own money into the show’s production.

Compiling all the tests together, the team built a model with these neurons that could accurately predict another person’s concept at nearly six times more than chance, regardless of the difficulty of reasoning.

Issues with the cultural context aren’t the only difficulty marketers have been and continue to face when it comes to the Super Bowl.

Changsila would love to see more restaurants east of the Anacostia River follow suit, he said, but understands difficulties with applying and concerns about safety.