Trouble [noun]

Definition of Trouble:

annoyance, worry

Opposite/Antonyms of Trouble:

Sentence/Example of Trouble:

The trouble is that we've just had to cut that fine old New York family off our list.

Not only that, but he would get into trouble with Mr. Paine on account of the damage which it had received.

You will probably see me out again in a few days, if you take the trouble to look.

If he hadn't insulted me, he wouldn't have got into trouble.

He was forced to admit that the girl still had power to trouble him.

“Thou hast been in trouble,” she said, leaning on the baluster above him.

I don't want to trouble him, but I was bound he shouldn't keep from me what was rightly my due.

I am your true friend, Frank, and I don't want you to get into any trouble.

Robert left the office, with a bold bearing, but a heart full of trouble.

He gave the writer of the note sixpence and a barrel pen for his trouble.