Order [noun]

Definition of Order:

arrangement, organization

Opposite/Antonyms of Order:

Sentence/Example of Order:

I was struck with the order of the bath: also the scimetary of the apartments.

It was brought—but, by order of the huissier, only one knife was placed on the table.

She believes that this order is from my father, and that my mother has not been consulted upon it.

There were three candidates to be heard from and his speech was to be the last in order.

The fat man from behind the register had come to take his order.

I make this statement now in order not to be misunderstood when later I may say that God must be this or that.

They are listed more or less in the order they appeared in the text.

Williams, Gunby, and Howard, all strove in vain to bring it to order.

I had to walk as fast as I could, and exercise my limbs all I could, in order to keep warm.

Why, the order of nature is reversed, and these children take on the protective.