Symmetry [noun]

Definition of Symmetry:


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Sentence/Example of Symmetry:

I do not think those top-gallant-sails have the symmetry of the canvas of a ship-of-war.

Look at it generally, and it is all symmetry and arrangement.

Lastly, Variety: Variety is never so conspicuous, as when it is united with symmetry.

Symmetry is the opposition of equal quantities to each other.

There are three criteria of goodness—beauty, symmetry, truth.

Good, when exhibited under the aspect of measure or symmetry, becomes beauty.

Of course it needs the whole society to give the symmetry we seek.

But she had the true fire, and with time would compass repose and symmetry.

An entire wing had to be built to complete the symmetry of the mansion.

She was, indeed, a model of symmetry, and well worthy of all the praise bestowed on her.