Form [noun]

Definition of Form:

shape; arrangement

Synonyms of Form:

Opposite/Antonyms of Form:

Sentence/Example of Form:

This form of discrimination is against Google’s own personalized advertising policy.

If you truly believe in love in all its forms, strive to be as sweet and kind as possible, and like nice things, you’re a Charlotte.

In a tweet yesterday, Google announced lead form extensions for Search, Video, and Discovery ads.

Previously in beta, Google Ads announced its updated lead form extension which pops up a form directly from a click on an ad in search, Video, and Discovery.

The league already has called off the NFL scouting combine, at least in its traditional form in Indianapolis.

Both would need to come in a spray form, because the Swiss-cheese-like "holes" in the chairs make them almost impossible to paint with a brush.

Yet King highlighted the venality of more “polite” forms of racism and challenged Northern liberals to address racism at home — not just in the South.

Then came a nor’easter, and my stomach knotted as I pictured her frail diminutive form freezing to death.

Sharpshooter Davis Bertans has yet to regain his form and shot 2 for 7 from three-point range for six points in 19 minutes.

Rebound and recovery would be nearly instantaneous, he says, pointing to marine life surveys conducted around April 5, 2020, when 60% of the world’s population was under some form of lockdown.