Outline [noun]

Definition of Outline:

plan, sketch

Synonyms of Outline:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outline:


Sentence/Example of Outline:

When Sidney saw the outline of the stable roof, she knew that it was dawn.

Dilly bent, and traced the outline of a leaf with her finger.

She traced the outline of her left eyebrow, and put it right.

Let me take one example which may mark out the outline of the contention.

They have length, and breadth, and outline: have they nothing to do with depth?

It is the nature of the thing, not the clearness of its outline, that determines its operation.

It insisted on the outline which had probably been the starting-point of his conception.

Thus it was only for a few moments that I distinctly saw the outline of her figure.

Round the bend came a trifling object, small, uncertain in its outline.

But these are mainly in outline, with little attempt to achieve tones.