Inside [adjective]

Definition of Inside:

in the middle; interior

Synonyms of Inside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inside:

Sentence/Example of Inside:

The small group of anti-maskers approached customers inside the store.

All of that information is fed into a dashboard, offering farmers a more complete picture of what’s happening inside.

He even started building and selling “orgone accumulators,” which he said could concentrate a person’s orgone energy when they sat inside them.

Because the pollutant is in the outside air, not the inside air.

It’s going to go inside, and right now, New York, we’re not dining inside.

We like that they also come shipped inside the box pre sharpened.

Not theoretically, but practically, experienced from inside of a living being, which is what we are.

This works on the lock screen, the home screen, and inside any app, so it’s a shortcut you can rely on when you absolutely have to take a photo.

The SE will have the same motion-sensing tech inside to make it similarly good for tracking workouts.

To be able to bring something around education inside the place you use the most during the day is really perfect.