Internal [adjective]

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Indeed, Troye isn’t completely alone in speaking out against the administration’s coronavirus response from an internal perspective.

An internal USPS audit found that over a million ballots were mailed to voters late in the 2020 primaries, including hundreds that arrived after the election.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your internal search, taking notice of how it finds and organizes the content after a search.

Other documents, the statement said, were withheld to protect the board’s internal deliberative processes.

To keep users engaged, make sure to produce high-quality copy with plenty of visuals and internal links.

City officials had proposed limiting applications to internal candidates and skipping any public forums to speed up the hiring process.

They might, for example, recommend routine internal audits or require protections for users’ personally identifiable information.

The biggest rival to Qualcomm in smartphone processors is Apple’s internal effort.

Biden has mostly built an internal data team, led by analytics chief Becca Siegel, a veteran of the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

From award postponement to internal reckonings, here’s everything that’s happened with the canceled James Beard Awards so far this year.