Intrinsic [adjective]

Definition of Intrinsic:

basic, inborn

Synonyms of Intrinsic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intrinsic:

Sentence/Example of Intrinsic:

These considerations are key when choosing personalized gifts for those you care about, because the crux of joy in receiving a gift comes from the intrinsic change that the gift provides in someone’s daily experience.

At some point, however, intrinsic value will have to matter, and when it does those in the sector will be forced to show they have credible plans in place for existential dangers on the horizon.

Such medals have an intrinsic value estimated at about $10,000.

He spoke of 3- and 4-year-olds who’d tell him, “I’m not a boy” or “I’m not a girl,” suggesting that their identity had nothing to do with the environment, but was intrinsic.

They have no intrinsic loyalty to the United States—that’s how they’re constructed and organized.

After the first novelty is over, no place can please, except either by its intrinsic beauty, or the happy effect of habit.

Calais, has no such intrinsic charms, and I was not disposed to try the result of the latter.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of a thousand judge by names and not by intrinsic worth.

Friedrich Wilhelm, both by his intrinsic qualities and the success he met with, deserves it better than most.

It is the intrinsic nature of belief that will concern us to-day.