Fundamental [adjective]

Definition of Fundamental:

basic, important

Opposite/Antonyms of Fundamental:

Sentence/Example of Fundamental:

It is a fundamental division over whether the party should become a right-wing populist cult willing to subvert democracy to keep power.

Surprisingly, this fundamental assumption had yet to be tested in an experimental study.

If the numbers predict a rebound and the scouts’ eyes don’t see fundamental deterioration, they act.

In other words, because AI mimics the brain, which has a completely alien structure to modern computers, there’s a fundamental incompatibility.

Ward has found mathematical commonalities in different contexts and believes something fundamental could be going on behind the scenes.

The fundamental role of any school system is to educate children, and on that core level, Marten has succeeded where many others have failed.

Like many of the strongest films at Sundance this year, “Summer of Soul” served as a reminder of the time-honored fundamentals that have always made movies worth watching.

We have to varying degrees absorbed the fundamental lesson of Sontag’s book — that we must disconnect ideas about illness from moralism — so it was hard to know what to do when covid tested our national, moral character.

While gambling revenue has obvious appeal, it can provide only a fraction of state income and should not stand in the way of more fundamental measures to address state fiscal problems.

Along the way, they have these other more fundamental aspects of their relationship that they’re not aligned on.