Extra [adjective]

Definition of Extra:

accessory; excess

Opposite/Antonyms of Extra:

Sentence/Example of Extra:

To avoid unnecessary cleaning or extra touch points, Riggs has cleared the room of some hotel frills.

When someone offers you an extra fresh mask they brought, even if you already have one.

A quick, extra hot sear plus a low and slow roast in the oven produces a luxurious steak.

Subscribers can pay more for additional service, but some cannot afford the extra costs of better connectivity and the benefits it provides, such as the ability to stream video conversations through Zoom and other tools.

February is National Bird-Feeding Month, usually a time for celebrating feathered creatures and providing extra food and water to get them through the winter.

Among the teams that could put that together are the New York Jets, who have two extra first-round picks from Seattle as a result of the Jamal Adams trade and control the No.

When Ellie Krieger roasts vegetables, she always roasts extra to pop into other dishes.

There was an extra bedroom for when her parents were in town.

It forced us to go the extra mile as, at the same time, we also supported our usual business goals.

You want to ask about this, because if an institution hasn’t really thought it through in a granular way, then maybe they aren’t trying hard enough to make that part of the experience worth paying extra for.