Ancillary [adjective]

Definition of Ancillary:

extra; supplementary

Synonyms of Ancillary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ancillary:

Sentence/Example of Ancillary:

The glow itself, for example, may simply be an ancillary effect of the pigments, and not involved in UV shielding.

This may mean significant changes to business models, developing ancillary business lines, and building dramatically broader bases of small donor support.

There are, of course, ancillary benefits to big-time sports, from brand building to alumni engagement.

To emphasize one idea, subordinate ancillary ideas; make them take their proper rank in the sentence.

It was odd how the word seemed to shape the act, though one knew how ancillary it really was.

But as philosophy is subsidiary and ancillary, it will be sufficient to set forth what is said about the Society's theologians.

This is the case among the leisure class and among certain portions of the population which are ancillary to that class.

It is as ancillary to the predaceous impulse proper that the belief in luck expresses itself in a wager.

Very often the last word is the important member of a sentence, the others being merely ancillary to it.

Yet he had a brother whose claims to celebrity are not altogether ancillary.