Collateral [adjective]

Definition of Collateral:

indirect, secondary

Opposite/Antonyms of Collateral:

Sentence/Example of Collateral:

For the medical community, in particular, the war on drugs produced widespread collateral damage in the form of treatments undiscovered, in the form of human suffering unalleviated, in the form of scientific knowledge unattained.

Soon, even their dream home was at risk as collateral for a line of credit from AvidBank.

Sid Coelho-Prabhu, who is leading the Coinbase wallet initiative, says any loans consumers make on the platform are secure, since they are backed by borrowers’ collateral.

Most of these sites—notably Compound and Maker—rely on a decentralized network of lenders and borrowers, who use smart contracts to arrange collateral and payment terms.

The move comes in the wake of mounting concern about the scale of predatory lending given the proliferation of startups offering online, collateral-free loans in Kenya.

From one of these, which may be considered as collateral primary meanings, it must therefore be deduced.

The commentary is not very helpful, and discusses collateral questions rather than the dream itself.

The direct and collateral hereditary tendency appears to indicate a diathetic origin.

At the front it has a one-sided irregular look; and this is owing to the non-completion of a collateral spire.

If the horse is the source, or principal trunk, the zebra and the ass will be collateral branches.