Main [adjective]

Definition of Main:

principal, predominant

Synonyms of Main:

Opposite/Antonyms of Main:

Sentence/Example of Main:

A second main division of our schooling was mathematical instruction of a sort.

To-day I have stood in the main battery which has fired a shot establishing, in its way, a record in the annals of destruction.

The main entrance is in the centre of the St. Martin's Lane front, and consists of a central roadway for carts and wagons, 15ft.

The percentage of gold to the notes—the main demand liability—has, of course, fallen from about 65 to 35 per cent.

When a leaf is so young that it wraps itself around the main stalk it's useless to try to turn it over.

No, but Porter evidently divided his forces here, and we were discussing which road the main body took.

If I am returned, my main object, I avow it frankly, will be to make them the standing order.

Now the trouble with the main proposition just quoted is that each side of the equation is used as the measure of the other.

Whatever figure alphabet, however, is used, the main thing about it is to master it thoroughly.

The owner gratifies his taste or his pride by reserving it from cultivation, but he does not forget the main chance.