Leading [adjective]

Definition of Leading:

chief, superior

Synonyms of Leading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leading:

Sentence/Example of Leading:

Deforestation has not played the same leading role in the fires spanning the western US and Siberia this summer, but climate change has primed both landscapes to burn.

Those same models have Biden the favorite in all the other states he’s currently leading polls.

Case in point, here’s how a leading home supply retailer’s Performance TV retargeting campaign stacked up against display-only retargeting.

It’s fully integrated into Google Analytics, so you can measure and verify your performance using the leading 3rd party analytics platform as well.

You’ll hear from and engage with some of the industry’s leading voices.

The vaccine, which AstraZeneca is developing with researchers from the University of Oxford, has been viewed as one of the leading candidates to reach the market.

Not only does the apparel-production process consume massive amounts of natural resources, the industry is one of the leading contributors to global warming.

One of the country’s pharmaceutical giants is starting to produce hundreds of millions of doses of a leading contender.

When SB 50 failed for the second time last year, state Senate President Toni Atkins vowed to take a leading role in passing legislation to spur more housing production.

Emily Riehl sees similarities between the viola, which she grew up playing, and the mathematical field of higher category theory, in which she is currently a leading participant.