Principal [adjective]

Definition of Principal:

most important

Opposite/Antonyms of Principal:

Sentence/Example of Principal:

He is far below Halbert in position, and that is the principal thing.

And let our principal and most trusty friends named in my last know that I do.

The Marquis made a round of the principal of those mansions.

The principal officials had assembled in Westminster Hall at 10 o'clock.

The principal toast, proposed by Mr. Gladstone, was the Queen.

What ought to be the principal view of a good wife in adorning her person.

The principal thing is, not how it happened, but that he is going to get well, Sidney.

I want everyone to enjoy it, and my brother to act the principal part in it.

Of course the principal believed at once that I was the chief criminal.

I thought it was proved that you helped to put the pony in the principal's room.