Champion [adjective]

Definition of Champion:

best, excellent

Synonyms of Champion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Champion:

Sentence/Example of Champion:

I am an easiful old pagan, and I am not angry with you at all—you funny, little champion of the Most High.

The hero of the adventure does not compete with any number of knights, but is each day confronted with a chosen champion.

Robert Nelson's sobriety of judgment and sound practical sense made him a far more effective champion.

Duncan was a perfect champion; his strength and activity were marvellous, and his mirth uproarious.

Now there was a man in her dominions whose name was Alwin, a mighty champion & holmgangsman.

The king was supported in his opinion by Walter Asquith, who has been the firm champion of home rule.

The retiring premier, indeed, nobly attributed the whole triumph to that long-tried champion of free-trade.

In the first place, as I have never posed as a social champion I had no reputation at stake and I was horribly afraid.

The nuns should have been pleased with such a champion to deliver them, surrounded as they were by a company of roughs.

Wà pay nakapildi sa kampiyun, No one has beaten the champion yet.