Tops [noun]

Definition of Tops:

highest point

Synonyms of Tops:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tops:

Sentence/Example of Tops:

Now—there stood the wall, there stood the ash-trees and their tops were waving to and fro.

Her tops, like those of all the enemy's ships, were filled with riflemen.

Already has not its aurora brightened the tops of my snow-covered mountains?

The peasantry used to eat its tops as greens, and cook the roots in stews.

Some, who were finishing their lunch, got on the tops of their tubs.

Gather the largest green gooseberries of the walnut kind, and slit the tops into four quarters, leaving the stalk end whole.

The tops of the felled trees should point downhill as much as possible.

Clean the tops, bottoms and sides of the connectors with a wire brush, Figure 143.

Use enough to fill the case just over the tops of the jars, Fig. 230.

The post must, of course, be perpendicular to the tops of the plates.