Apex [noun]

Definition of Apex:

top, high point

Synonyms of Apex:

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Sentence/Example of Apex:

In Colorado, proponents say reintroduction will create a healthy corridor for the apex predators between Canada and Mexico, and that wolves create a positive trophic cascade for ecosystems.

That cycle hit a new apex this week, when the New York Post published a report that raised numerous red flags suggesting a disinformation effort.

Bereaved widow Eve Harrington emerges from the shadowy alley in a rain-soaked trench coat, worms her way into stage actress Margo Channing’s inner-circle, then schemes and backstabs her way to the apex of the theater world.

Images of the interior show sunlight pouring through an oculus at its apex.

Both figures have fallen since the apex of pandemic lockdowns in May, but they remain above the peak of the Great Recession in 2009.

The upper wings are white, with a posterior broad black subtriangular border, having two or three white spots at the apex.

And, lastly, that at the apex of the nucleus the radicle of the future Embryo would constantly be found.

He considers the centre of the hilum as the base, and the chalaza, where it exists, as the natural apex of the seed.

The extreme apex is bifid, the lower process being rounded, the upper more pointed.

It is the crown and apex of all bad language, the coping-stone of all systems of verbal aggression and abuse.