Acme [noun]

Definition of Acme:

pinnacle of achievement or physical object

Synonyms of Acme:

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Sentence/Example of Acme:

Dr. Coleridge "considered it to be a contagious nervous disease, the acme or intensest form of which is catalepsy."

There is in art an acme of perfection, as there10 is in Nature one of goodness and completeness.

For, there lay the acme of his cleverness; in the extraction of money from the unlucky people who came to demand it.

Ball had been to school before, and of this school he often bragged as the acme of desirability and wickedness.

But the point, the acme of my distresses, consisted in the awful uncertainty of our final fate.

That he should ask the question, was the acme of his offense.

Cooking reached its acme, according to our standard, and each man became remarkable for some particular dish.

His Procrustes, from the collector's point of view, is entirely logical, and might be considered as the acme of bookmaking.

Nance conducted him to her writing desk, which was always the acme of neatness, and well stocked with stationery.

After four or five had been searched without result they entered the 30-story Acme Theater building.