Peak [noun]

Definition of Peak:

top of something; Being at the height of popularity or attention.

Synonyms of Peak:

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Sentence/Example of Peak:

At length, when we were nearly under the peak, he began to ascend.

Wotan walked around the peak, drawing a line with his spear.

They seem to involve the bore of a climb without the pleasure of a peak.

And however high a peak you climb, the plain is still as high as the peak.

"I will ask one of the engine-drivers, my lady," he answered, with his hand at the peak of his cap.

In the morning some peak in the blue distance would be noted as a landmark.

A sudden shift of the rudder shook the Vulcan from peak to keelson.

A lake which could be seen from the top of the peak had the appearance of being frozen.

A mainsail carried by a gaff has two halyards, the throat and peak.

No need to-night to watch for the postman's peak, no need to trace his toes.