Alp [noun]

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They always treated me as though I were an invalid; and kept me for a year or two squatting on an Alp on account of my lungs.

Grimm has recorded that in old German, the caterpillar was named Alba, and that the Alp often takes the form of a butterfly.

Hermione blushed like an Alp-rose in the snow, and turned her head away from him.

It was a lovely morning, though Alp-like masses of cloud in the distance gave promise of thunder.

In the "Voyages" we find the most correct delineation, in words and sketches, of the peculiarities and glories of Alp-land.

Alpenstock, alp′n-stok, n. a long stick or staff used by travellers in climbing the Alps.

Alp′en; Alpine (alp′in, or alp′īn), pertaining to the Alps, or to any lofty mountains: very high.

As we had foreseen, it was a case of Alp above Alp, to the very limit of human strength and patience.

Lionel had said nothing so far; he had taken Claire skiing and skating, and once down the Schatz Alp.

The sun was setting; the high snow peaks began to glimmer and to glow, and over the whole green alp lay the golden evening light.