Pike [noun]

Definition of Pike:


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Sentence/Example of Pike:

Then he crept out of the room, got on the mare, and rode up the pike.

And saying this he stabbed him with his pike in the face, and the blood spurted forth.

But far eastward on the pike there slowly developed a soft, white haze.

Quite and clane the contrary—when the shillelah's up, the pike's down.

They will be on my side, and I will keep in the middle of the 'pike.

Once a month he preaches in a little church on the 'pike near there.

He made a feint, as if he were about to strike his pike between its eyes.

In carving a pike, if the back and belly be slit up, and each slice drawn gently downwards, fewer bones will be given at table.

This pike was caught in the old river at Utley by Sam Friar.

This earned me a stab in the back from the butt-end of the pike of one of my guards.