Drive [noun]

Definition of Drive:

journey by vehicle

Synonyms of Drive:

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Sentence/Example of Drive:

The meal and merch are not only incredibly popular, but have spawned an entire TikTok meme, where people blast Scott’s “Sicko Mode” at the drive-thru instead of using their words to order.

The narrowing gap in both states is being driven by non-college-educated women.

Winnebago’s website lists a starting price of $175,000 for its popular four-wheel-drive Revel, and even a used Sprinter at Vanlife Customs will set you back at least $100,000.

In categories such as credit cards, those commissions, particularly for publishers that drive high volumes of conversion, can run into the hundreds of dollars per user.

While von Spakovsky “hasn’t driven any policy decisions” that have taken place under the secretary, Fuchs said that she briefed von Spakovsky on her office’s actions regarding double voting and absentee ballots.

Another extreme drought would drive near-total crop losses worse than the Dust Bowl, kneecapping the broader economy.

Although Nikola said in its statement that the One was designed to be powered and driven by its own propulsion, its founder has said it never drove under its own power.

“That demand generation that leads into it and comes out of it drives a lot of marketing value for not just our platform, but for all of the partners involved,” he said.

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Already the dominant force in graphics chips that make video games more realistic, Nvidia has carved out a slice of the market for data center chips and is moving into self-driving vehicles.