Tour [noun]

Definition of Tour:

journey; stint

Synonyms of Tour:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tour:

Sentence/Example of Tour:

Besides visiting Italy he explored Sicily, and kept a journal of his tour.

Now I'm going on a tour of exploration and noisy admiration.

Such, at least, was my luck when starting for my annual French tour in 1887.

Isn't this tour for our pleasure, and can't we do what we like?

They are still partly on a marriage, and partly on an artistic, tour.'

At their own request they were whirled over the Earth in Earth planes on a tour of inspection.

Let who will decide which tour de force was the more difficult.

I've a notion of sendin' you an' him on a walkin' tour in Connacht.

It's just the same with our friend Santerre; he's starting on a tour to-morrow.

That day precisely, I had made a tour of inspection with my son, Jacques.