Stagnation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stagnation:

True, we have come far from the days of stagnation and despair.

Thus the stagnation of the lower orders could easily be understood.

The inventor of words being a patron of the flux, was a great enemy to stagnation.

Only her heart lived; lived with the passive life of stagnation.

He looked to Barbara like an undertaker who mourned the stagnation of trade.

Stability brought the danger of stagnation, to which we succumbed.

The latter fact he might have deduced from the stagnation of the atmosphere.

Yet he would rather have Craddock, and the town open, than Morgan and stagnation.

Like a stone plumped into a pool the major and Harry reëntered this stagnation.

Such a thing as absolute rest, or stagnation, is unknown in the universe.