Quiescence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quiescence:

A period of quiescence then followed, lasting until, we will say, 1865.

Let me request silence, absolute silence, and quiescence of thought even.

So when all is known, the stimulus for action ceases; when all is known there is quiescence, nothingness.

Was there nothing that he could do which would produce for him, if not gratification, then at least quiescence?

Their bright eyes were alluring, their quiescence was encouraging.

In other instances a recurrence may follow after months or years of quiescence.

In quiescence they had allowed the country to become contemptible.

But it was a good place to do work in, for all its quiescence.

Every limb was at rest, every nerve seemed lulled into quiescence.

It is a region of quiescence or of faulting, but not of folding.