Inactivity [noun]

Definition of Inactivity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Inactivity:

Sentence/Example of Inactivity:

Running back Travis Homer also is inactive for the Seahawks.

Of the people who got sick, 90 had received an inactive placebo.

They were without quarterback Sam Darnold, who was on the inactive list because of a shoulder injury.

Dwayne Haskins, Washington’s first-round draft pick in 2019, was inactive Sunday for the fifth straight week.

This searchable database shows information about active and inactive ad campaigns being run on Facebook, including the amount spent as well as the ages, genders, and locations of people who end up seeing an ad.

Sinovac’s vaccine relies on an inactive version of the novel coronavirus to teach human immune systems to recognize and destroy the real thing.

On glass and polymer banknotes—the smooth, wax-like notes used in Australia and other countries— it took 6 days for 90% of the virus sample to become inactive at 20°C.

Sometimes, election officials clean up their voter rolls to remove inactive voters and those who may have died or moved.

The players, meanwhile — 53 on a team, 32 teams, plus injured and inactive players, so roughly 2,000 people — they are the labor.

He’d said earlier in the week that the players should never have come to Orlando in the first place, and then he was listed as inactive for the game.