Energy [noun]

Definition of Energy:

person's spirit and vigor

Synonyms of Energy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Energy:

Sentence/Example of Energy:

Some of that energy enters the water, and when it does, the seismic waves slow down, becoming T waves.

Launched in 2015, the project’s purpose is to determine the feasibility of underwater data centers powered by offshore renewable energy.

This energy, “orgone,” was supposedly a life-force of sorts.

This represents a revolutionary shift in our ability to capture solar energy in real time rather than being dependent on solar energy of the past.

Yet negotiations over the final shape of a deal are set to be fraught amid national differences in wealth, energy sources and industrial strength.

More than 100 fast radio bursts have been detected, but most are too far away for astronomers to see what drives the blasts of energy.

The only “issue” lead for the president comes when voters are asked about the candidate's energy and mental strength.

The team also placed the datacenter—dubbed “Northern Isles”—at a renewable-energy test site where it could be powered by experimental tidal turbines and wave energy converters, along with wind- and solar power from the local grid.

The most affected people, meanwhile, will pay 20% more for energy, and their crops will yield half as much food or in some cases virtually none at all.

We were in cost-cutting mode, and we’d just let go a third of our workforce, yet the office was suddenly buzzing with passion and energy and ideas.