Ardor [noun]

Definition of Ardor:


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Sentence/Example of Ardor:

Jane now pursued her studies and her limitless reading with unabated ardor.

Her ardor stimulated their zeal, and her well-stored mind and fascinating conversational eloquence guided their councils.

He devoted himself with great ardor to literature, and wrote, by his own account, 12 sheets daily.

He remembered suddenly that he was still a young man, with a young man's ardor surging strong in him.

It demanded an infinite patience, combined with an inextinguishable ardor and enthusiasm.

The General anticipates them in applauding your noble ardor.

We have exquisite types of femininity in Tuscany, said the young man, with patriotic ardor.

But this one swift achievement only whetted the famished appetite to more creative ardor.

Astonishment and curiosity calmed for a moment the impure ardor of the Crusaders.

The bellicose ardor of the stripling seemed to strike the royal envoy even more forcibly than anything he had yet seen.