Zing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Zing:

I saw the small stab of flame, heard the zing of the bullet.

"Zing, Jasper," cried Cap'n Jack, when one verse was completed.

Any koot zinger can zing a peautiful zong and kif bleasure, I zubboce!

It looked as if we were going to win the game, and then zing!

Zing, zing, zing—I hate your old heat a-singin' in my ears all the gosh-blamed time!

The bullet chipped a piece out of the main boom and went, zing, across the river.

When you hear the zing of a spent bullet or the sharp crack of an explosive, you know it has passed you.

You vill hear her zum tay yourzellof, and you vill acree viz me zat zere are two classes of beoble who zing.

But I voot zooner hear la Sfencali zing a scale zan anypotty else zing ze most peautiful zong in ze vorldt—efen vun of my own!

Quiz′ziness, oddness; Quiz′zing, raillery; Quiz′zing-glass, a single eye-glass.