Vim [noun]

Definition of Vim:


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Sentence/Example of Vim:

He who is gendered of fire and brimstone must have some vim in his composition.

There was a great heap of debris on the floor, and this the boys attacked with a vim.

"No apologies," laughed Dean, his eyes snapping with the vim of the fight.

The "pursuit of the Ideal," as she called it, went on with vim and fervour.

“Not if I have to steal his cigarettes,” promised Butts, with vim.

The others fell in line as if by magic, and then the fiddles began with vim.

Hammond said: "He has lots of vim and pluck; has got sand and backbone to him."

Charley had none of the "vim" and dash that belongs to a Westerner.

You would not suspect the vim with which this disciplining was carried out.

He used the latter frequently, throwing it with vim this way and that.