Vigor [noun]

Definition of Vigor:

power, energy

Synonyms of Vigor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vigor:

Sentence/Example of Vigor:

And must not the vigor, from what we have seen, have been intensified in Plautus?

There was apparent sinewy strength and vigor in the small form.

Dick felt that he must do as well, and the feeling increased his vigor and courage.

He is still in the vigor of life going on as usual with his contracts.

At the first sign of it he was admonished with a vigor to deter his comrades.

And the uproar increased from an act of vigor on Madame Boche's part.

From that crude animal brutality comes all the vigor of life.

The preparations for the siege of Gibraltar are pushed with vigor.

This vigor is supremely great, and in the highest degree unbending.

He has not the strength and vigor of Amuba, but he is not behind other lads of his age.